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BuddyPress Members Converts To Ultimate Member

BuddyPress Members Converts To Ultimate Member
Plugin last updated on 13th July 2020
Compatible upto WP 5.2 and BP 6.1

Features of BuddyPress Members Converts To Ultimate Member:

– Members Profile Photo can be import.
– Members Cover Photo can be import.
– All WordPress user meta data can be import.
– Existing members can be update.
– User password can be set/change from CSV file.
– Can import data other than English.
– Fully compatible with BuddyPress Members Export

Important points:
– Must have database backup before importing users/members.
– Individual data should be in double quote and separated by comma(,).
– To update the existing users you have to check the check-box ‘Update existing users’.
– First line should contain only fields name including WordPress default fields.
– To import values for multi-valued field values must be separated by double colon(::)
eg: if a multi-valued field having data WordPress and BuddyPress then in CSV file you have to provide these values as “WordPress::BuddyPress”. If the value is only WordPress then you have to write in CSV “WordPress::”
– Check the check box(Send username and password to new users.) if you want to send username and password to users mail.
– Check the check box(Update existing users) if you want to update the existing users/members.

Free Updates and Support:
– You will get 1 year free updates and issue fix support.

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