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WordPress plugins we have in our shop:
BuddyPress members Import $49
BuddyPress Members Export $69
WordPress Bulk Password Reset $19
WordPress Database Cleaner $49
Ajaxify WordPress Site Pro $69
BuddyPress Members Converts To Ultimate Member $39

Total cost of the above all plugins $294 and we are selling this for $150 only
Yesterday we reached to count 1000 customers so we decided to give such a huge discount because of great response/feedback from our customers. We want a win-win situation for both our development team and our customers.

WordPress Database Cleaner

WordPress Database Cleaner, is a advanced version of Spam Comments Cleaner, which will allow you to clean your WordPress database more extensively and in a regular manner. You just need to set what are the redundant data you want to delete from WordPress database and set the scheduler. Your are done. Now take a deep sleep. After deleting all the redundant data from database this plugin will optimized all tables as well.

WordPress Database Cleaner, is tested with more 100+ clients and in every case we found website performance increases dramatically after deleting redundant data and optimized all tables.

All possible time interval available:
* Clean Now
* Clean after 1 minute
* Clean in every hour.
* Clean once in a day in a regular manner.
* Clean twice in a day in a regular manner.
* Clean once in a week in a regular manner.
* Clean once in a month in a regular manner.
* Clean twice in a month in a regular manner.
* Clean every day at your custom set time.

Data deleting from Database:
* SPAM Comments
* Trashed comments
* Comments Metadata
* Orphan metadata from commentsmeta and postmeta tables
* Post and Page Revisions
* Post and Page Trash
* Auto Draft page/post delete
* Optimize Database
* Remove all trackbacks and pingbacks
* Remove draft posts
* Remove transient options
* Enable/Disable cron scheduling for database optimization
* Do above all in multi site setup as well.

Application Requirement:

* WordPress 3.X or Latest
* PHP 5.3.X or Latest

Why this plugin:

* There are several plugins in market available which are doing the same job like WordPress Database Cleaner then why you will choose our plugin.
– It has been tested with more than 100+ sites without any error.
– Most important thing no chance to any data loss.
– Once setup cron this plugin will do the job for life time.
– Fully compatible with WordPress Multi ste.
– In multi site setup all blogs can be clean together and individually.
– If you are purchasing the support license then you will get best ever support from YTL team.

* If you have any query/request add in comment section. Team will contact you in next few hours.

Woocommerce Ajax Add to Cart – WOOJAX

Compatible with Woocommerce 3.4.X WordPress 4.9.X and Ajaxify WordPress Site Pro

Woocommerce Ajax Add to Cart is a unique plugin which will make your WordPress Woocommerce website’s Add to Cart and Update Cart button ajaxify. Got request from many eshop website owners’ to make the product single page Add to Cart button ajaxed so without refreshing the page product will add to the cart. Again while you access the cart page and after changing the item quantity click on Update button the whole page will refresh. After activation of this plugin cart page update button will also behave like ajax means no page refresh. This plugin will work for both variable and simple products.

woocommerce ajax add to cart woojaxwoocommerce ajax add to cart woojax

Woocommerce Ajax Add to Cart is also compatible with Ajaxify WordPress Site Pro(AWS Pro). Means if you are using AWS Pro to make your whole website ajaxify to play tracks without stop and also using Woocommerce to sell products on your website then this is the must have plugin.

woocommerce ajax add to cart woojax

Get The Plugin

Price: $19 only
Product Link: Woocommerce Ajax Add to Cart
Download Link: If the download link you got in your purchase invoice not working drop a mail to with details of your invoice. We will get back to you immediately after receiving the mail.

Plugin issue: If you have any issue regarding above said feature please drop me a mail to Report a Bug

Ajaxify WordPress Site Pro

Ajaxify WordPress Site

Ajaxify WordPress Site is a free plugin available to

Pro Features in AWS Pro

– Tested with latest version of WordPress and each plugin.
– No need to worry about ajaxify container ID any more. Now inbuilt support added for CLASS as well. So now if your theme does not defined any ID to a particular div you want to ajaxify no worry you can now use CLASS
– If container having ID then fill up the “Ajax container ID/CLASS” field by #CONTAINER-ID and if container having CLASS then fill up the field by .CONTAINER-CLASS.
– Same feature added for menu container. So Menu will be ajaxify.
– Now you can define multiple div or other html element to be ajaxify. Like breadcrumb. For this you have provide div or element ID/Class inside “Multiple sub ajax container IDs/CLASSes”. Multiple value must be separated by comma(,)
WordPress search become ajaxify by just providing the ID/CLASS with #/. as prefix in “Search form TAG ID/CLASS” field
– In built BuddyPress support added.
– New Transition effect toggle width added and “left, right, top, bottom” transition removed as not compatible with so many themes.
– Fade In, Fade out transition effect available as well.
– WordPress Full Width Music Player plugin supported.
Tested with All default WordPress themes. and many others.
– This plugin will work nicely with any theme built as per WordPress theme guidelines.
– Latest jQuery library supported.
Scroll to top after Ajax complete is now optional feature.
– Compatible with WordPress Full Width Audio Player plugin
– In built support for Meta Slider Strongly recommended.
– In built support for Meteor Slider.
– In built support for Revolution Slider.
– In built support for Easy FancyBox.
– In built support for Nivo Slider. One known bug, after Ajax navigator(left/right) not working.
– In built support for Really Simple Twitter Feed Widget , Floating Social Bar
– YES, Ajaxify WordPress Site Pro is completely compatible with Contact Form 7
– Compatible with Really Simple CAPTCHA
– Compatible with WordPress Disqus Comment System
– Bookmarking URLs (# url) will work smoothly. Like single post page #comments, #reply links etc.
– WP default comment form submission is not ajaxified yet. We are working on it.
– Optimized JS files.
– Google search engine compatible.

Woocommerce Compability

If you want to use AWS Pro plugin in your online shopping website where you are using woocommerce plugin then you must have the plugin Woocommerce Ajax Add to Cart – WOOJAX worth $19

Few important declarations

– The amount($20) for this plugin we taking not included any support for any other plugin.
– Before go for purchasing make sure this plugin will going to work on your site. This plugin may not support all plugins which you have installed on your website. Try free version then only go for pro.

Get The Plugin

Price: $20 only
Product Link: AWS-PRO
Download Link: If the download link you got in your purchase invoice not working drop a mail to with details of your invoice. We will get back to you immediately after receiving the mail.

We are working on

Currently we are working on trying make other commonly used plugins compatible with Ajaxify WordPress Site Pro plugin. Like WP Ajaxify Comments, Other twitter and social share plugins.

After Purchase:

Follow the link for plugin installation: Installation
Do you have any question: Support
Please provide your review: Review