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WordPress Bulk Password Reset

Plugin last updated on 17th August 2018


WordPress Bulk Password Reset is a light weight simple plugin which allows super admin to reset all users password in a single click. Below are the features available in this plugin:
– Single user password reset.
– Multiple users password reset.
– Send new password to user via mail.
– Mail option on / off
– Email template modification feature.(Users => WordPress Bulk Password Reset)
– Email subject can be customize.
– All existing users/members password can be reset in single click.
– If you reset password of more than 20 users then an auto matted WP cron will start which would execute in every 5 minutes. Means you no need to wait for long time if you are trying to reset thousands of users password at a time. Just leave that tab open and do your other tasks.
– Above all these feature will be available in WordPress admin users table itself.

Get The Plugin

Price: $19 only
Product Link: WordPress Bulk Password Reset
Download Link: If the download link you got in your purchase invoice not working drop a mail to with details of your invoice. We will get back to you immediately after receiving the mail.

How to install

You have to instal this plugin as per WordPress normal rule, nothing different.
Do you have any question: Support

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