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WordPress Change Table Prefix

WordPress Change Table Prefix is a unique plugin which will allow you to change your WordPress website table prefix in a single click.Not only single WordPress but using this plugin you can change the database tables prefix of multisite installation as well. Having a strong table prefix is as important as any other security loop holes. Statistics says that more than 50% of webmaster still have wp_ as their WordPress website tables prefix. To reduce SQL inject it is important to not to have database prefix to wp_ as it is known to all.

Pro Features

  • Can change database tables prefix post installation.
  • Tables prefix will change by single click.
  • Works well for WordPress multisite present in a single database.
  • Both the custom and random generated prefix facility available.
  • Minimize the SQL injection.

Price & Facilities:

$19 for one Site and $40 for 5 Sites

1 Year plugin upgrade facility. Plugin will be upgraded whenever needed due to WordPress version upgraded and other optimizations.